Amazon Prime Day 2023: Manage with ease

Shadman Hiya posted on 07-01-2023

Every year Amazon offers a particular day, which is Amazon Prime Day. This is a special day only for amazon prime members. Amazon offers a wide range of special promotions and deals. Amazon just doesn’t give the best deals on products, it also offers a variety of promotions and incentives. On that specific day, amazon sellers face a few problems, which are managing their orders and inventories.

According to amazon on prime day 2021, there are an average of 250 million items ordered on amazon prime day.

What is Amazon Prime Day? And When?

Amazon Prime Day, as the name suggests, is a one-day worldwide shopping event designed only for Amazon Prime members that offer significant discounts and bargains equivalent to Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Amazon Prime Day, in particular, presents enormous potential for sellers, so you should take advantage of it.15th July 2015, was the first day of amazon prime day to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary. On that day amazon sold 0.9B dollars. Then the first time amazon prime day lasted longer than one day was in 2017 from July 11 to 12. And sold for around 2.41B dollars. In 2021, amazon prime day was from June 21 to 22 and sold 11.2 billion dollars. This year Amazon prime day will happen from 12 - 13 July 2022.

How to Handle Amazon Prime Day as a Seller

This is an excellent opportunity to obtain discounts on things that your customers desire. In order for it works though, you need an enticing and creative marketing strategy that will hook them in before they can No-leave themselves from the offer!

Register for the Amazon Prime event well ahead

  1. You must be a seller with at least four Seller feedback ratings to qualify for the Prime Day Prime Exclusive Discount. Sellers with no consumer feedback ratings will also be eligible for the Prime Day Prime Exclusive Discount.
  2. The product will not be reviewed until it has at least three and a half stars.
  3. The discount must be at least 20% off the standard non-member price.

Have plenty of stock

  1. Always make sure that the products you chose for amazon prime day have stocks and also have all the variations and colours. Also, you have to check your listing on amazon so that no variation or colour is missing.

Have extra manpower to deal with customer queries

  1. To handle the rush you should be prepared with the manpower for processing the order to shipping the order to the customers. 

Prepare your team for logistics

  1. To make the most of this year's Amazon Prime Day, you must prepare your team according to your department. Divide their work and train them in that section so that there are no errors.

Expect return from customers

  1. Some customers will return some products for various reasons. The return request must to checked and processed. To minimise the return rate, product quality must be assessed, and product listings are immediately modified to better convey product attributes and help reduce the risk of future returns.

Create methods to minimize losses and increase engagement

Even though it may be tempting to wow clients with barely profitable pricing, you don't want them coming home empty-handed on Prime Day. The best way to get a good deal on Prime Day is by preparing your offer in advance and waiting for the day. Here’s how you can prepare

Avoid Stock-outs

Stock-outs should also be avoided during busy times like Prime Day because they can be a major impediment to order fulfilment. Because demand will be significantly higher than usual, it is strongly advised to increase your stock thresholds in preparation for Prime Day. Keep an eye on your inventory well in advance of the big day.

Make your listings more appealing

In the run-up to Prime Day, sellers should also prioritize listing optimization. While cheap prices are important to today's shoppers, your product listing must be visually appealing to convert those visitors into buyers.

Audit Your Listings

Make sure your title, bullet points, photographs, and descriptions are all current. Listing your products with correct and specific content is very important. Or else people will search for the product but won’t be able to find the product. So, before Amazon Prime Day check your products for any missing information or misleading information.

Split-test your A+ content

If you have a brand-registered listing, consider using Amazon's split-testing tool to increase the conversion potential of your product. Here are some pointers for A/B testing your A+ content with Amazon's new Manage Your Experiments feature.

  1. Experiment with popular ASINs. The larger the sample size for your experiment, the more people will visit your product information page.
  2. Make one major change at a time. If you adjust too many variables at once, you won't know which ones have an impact on your findings.
  3. Plan a comprehensive exam that will enable you to reach an informed judgement. Experiments might last 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks.


Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for sellers to offer their products at discounted prices and increase their sales. However, managing inventory and orders can be difficult on this day. Sellers should make sure they are prepared for Prime Day by stocking up on inventory and ensuring that their order management system is functioning correctly. By preparing for Prime Day, sellers can ensure that they take advantage of this massive shopping event and see an increase in sales.

Manage your eCommerce on Prime Day

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  1. With our multichannel product listing for example you have two different accounts on amazon. With that, you will save time and efficiently manage your product listing.
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Finally, we can say that Amazon Prime Day is one of the most important dates for Amazon vendors. On this day vendors need solid service to maintain their products and shipment.