Multi-channel order management system is meticulously designed for eCommerce entrepreneurs like you.

Our platform extends beyond just software, it’s a commitment to your growth, efficiency, and unparalleled success in the digital marketplace.

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Your Success, Our Commitment

Multi-channel order management system is meticulously designed for eCommerce entrepreneurs like you.


Be where your customers are, on whichever platform they’re on.


Your Success, Our Commitment

At Manage Your eCommerce, we deeply understand the intricacies and challenges of running a flourishing online business.

Rapid Onboarding Service
Competitive, Transparent Pricing
Reliable, Accurate Data

Transform Your eCommerce Operations with Manage Your eCommerce

Centralised Order Management

Our single intuitive dashboard connects your entire eCommerce ecosystem — combining orders from marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay into one easy-to-navigate system. Say goodbye to the frustration of scattered orders and experience the convenience of managing all your orders from one place.

Forge stronger customer relationships through our integrated messaging feature. Unite communications from all sales channels into a centralised inbox to enable rapid, personalised and AI-assisted responses. Enhance satisfaction, build trust, and foster loyalty.

Seamless Customer Messaging


Real-time Inventory Synchronisation


Instantly synchronise inventory quantities across all sales channels to avoid overselling. Our intelligent system updates stock levels in real time so you can optimise supply chains, prevent shortages and overstock, and ensure seamless operations.

Streamlined Shipping and Fulfilment

We automate the shipping process by integrating with major carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Buy and print shipping labels with one click, ensuring quick, accurate delivery. Reduce human errors and labour costs while providing customers with premium service through seamless logistics.

Leverage highly intuitive dashboards and data analytics to gain visibility into overall performance and emerging opportunities. Identify best-selling products, repeat returns, repeat buyers, and more to create targeted growth strategies based on actionable business intelligence.

Powerful Business Insights


We understand your needs and work tirelessly to provide you with the right tools and resources you need to succeed.

  • Order Tracking and Lost Item Notification

  • Return Tracking and Visibility

  • Seamless Integration

  • Smart SKU Mapping

  • Third-Party Warehouse Integration

  • Custom Postage Rules

Our Commitment: More Than Just a Platform

Manage Your eCommerce isn’t just a service provider. We are your strategic partner in achieving success. Our promise includes:

Competitive, Transparent Pricing with No Fixed contract
With reliable, accurate data you can finally trust
AI-Driven Inventory and Sales Optimization
Highly scalable and robust system
No Surprises with sudden price hikes
Easiest Inventory Management Method

Stay in stock by minimizing the problem with MYE’s easy-to-use features, you can easily adjust your inventory problems.



Respond to customer questions in real time. Interact with buyers and provide immediate support to clients.



Keep track of key performance summaries, such as sales volume, refunds, purchases and stock and maintain all necessary statistics at your fingertips.


Return tracking

Stop wasting time looking for return packages tracking that have already been delivered. Return Tracker monitors packages from the moment they arrive at your door.


Process centralization

Process centralization allows companies to see the complex order process through a single window. The centralized system displays order, inventory, and shipment information on a single dashboard, allowing it to be controlled and coordinated.

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We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“Manage Your eCommerce has been a tremendous time-saver and helped us reduce human errors. We really ramped up our online presence in the last couple of months and Manage your eCommerce made that happen for us.”

MD Khan
Rough & Tough

“For any size eCommerce businesses this solution offers you complete visibility and full control of your business. I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone who is in the eCommerce business.”

Tanvir Shahriar
Long Island City LTD

“Manage Your eCommerce has made it very easy to handle large numbers of orders in an efficient and productive way. No need to waste time manually putting orders into Royal Mail. We have managed to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to process orders for shipping.”

MD Jahid
AFS Fashion

“Manage your eCommerce is a flexible solution that can handle everything! We sell thousands of items through a variety of platforms. Manage your eCommerce provides us with all of the tools we need to keep track of inventory, dispatch orders via Royal Mail and EVRI.”

Victor Okaro
Founder at Spicenet
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MYE simplifies online selling by connecting with popular ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and shipping carriers.